Host system connections and interfaces - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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WMT700 always needs a host device for measurement data collection and presentation. The host device is usually an automatic weather station, but other host devices such as data loggers or personal computers can also be used.

WMT700 performs calculation, quality control, and data format procedures on the measurement data. The processed data is sent to weather stations using serial ports and/or analog output channels. The most commonly used communications interface is RS-485, but WMT700 has a flexible set of interfaces ranging from RS-232 to voltage and current mode analog signals.

You can set WMT700 to send measurement data either as analog output or data messages through a serial port, or you can use both outputs simultaneously. You can send operating and configuring commands to WMT700 through the serial interface.

Operation and heating power is usually provided from one power supply. You can also use separate power supplies for heating and operation to prevent the heating function from consuming the operation power. In a split-supply system there can be a separate backup power supply for the operating power supply.

The following figure shows the main software components and external interfaces of WMT700.

Figure 1. WMT700 external interfaces