SDI-12 commands - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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You can only use COM2 serial port for sending commands and receiving data messages with the SDI-12 profile.

The following table lists the available commands for operating WMT700 with SDI-12 profile.

Table 1. SDI-12 commands
Command Description
?! Queries WMT700 for its address.
a! Ensures that WMT700 is responding.
aI! Queries WMT700 for its SDI-12 compatibility level, model number, and firmware version number.
aAb! Changes WMT700 address.
aC! Starts concurrent measurement.
aCC! Starts concurrent measurement with CRC calculation.
aD0! Fetches instant data from WMT700.
aM! Starts measurement.
aMC! Starts measurement with CRC calculation.
aV! Starts verification.
The following SDI-12 commands cannot be used with WMT700:
  • Measurement unit change command aXUx!
  • Heater control command aXHx!
  • Check current sub mode aX?!
  • Place sensor in sub mode B command aXQx;c.c;n;yyyy!
  • Reset the sensor to sub mode A command aXS!
  • Check current measurement unit command aX*!
  • Continuous measurement aR0!