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WMT700 Series User Guide

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In analog output operation WMT700 takes measurements according to the configured averaging time and synthesizes the analog outputs of wind speed and wind direction with an update interval of 0.25 seconds. The analog output signal type and range depend on the configured settings.

Normally, analog output is enabled and the output settings are preconfigured at the factory according to your order. WMT700 can be operated using these settings directly after the installation. However, the analog output settings of WMT700 can be changed or the analog output functionality can be disabled at any time to save power over the serial interface.

When operating WMT700 in a system configured for WS425, you must configure the analog output settings according to the following table using the S command.

Table 1. Required parameters for WS425 analog output operation mode
Parameter name Default value Allowed values Description of how to emulate WS425
aout1err 1000 0 …. 32000 Set 1 for voltage output and 625 for frequency output for similar operation as with WS425.
aout1_g 1 0 …. 100 Gain for AOUT1. Set 0.017895 for compatibility with WS425 voltage output. Set 11.18 for compatibility with WS425 frequency output.
aout2_g 1 0 …. 100 Gain for AOUT2. Set 0.0027855 for compatibility with WS425 potentiometer output.
aout1mode 3

0 = Current

1 = Voltage

2 = Frequency

3 = Disabled

Analog output mode for AOUT1. Set 1 for WS425 voltage output compatibility. 2 for WS425 frequency output compatibility.
aout2mode 7

4 = Current

5 = Voltage

6 = Potentiometer

7 = Disabled

Analog output mode for AOUT2.Set 6 WS425 potentiometer output compatibility.
aout1_oaout2_o 0 -10000 … 10000 Offset for AOUT1 and AOUT2.Set output offset to 0.