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WMT700 Series User Guide

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The initial settings are configured at the factory according to your order. You can start using WMT700 directly after installation unless you want to check and/or change the settings.
You can configure WMT700 settings for serial communication or analog output with configuration commands over the serial port. Before configuration, set the port to the configuration mode.
You can configure WMT700 by sending individual commands or by loading a configuration file to the sensor.
You can use one serial port in the configuration mode and operate WMT700 from the other serial port.

WMT700 provides:

If the messages parameter value is 1, enabled, WMT700 responds to an invalid command with an error message. If the messages value is 0, disabled, WMT700 does not respond to the commands. You can fetch the most recent error data in the configuration mode with the ERRORS command.

Table 1. Configuration mode commands
Command Description
? Displays a list of configuration commands.
BAUD Changes or displays serial port settings.
CLEARERR Resets error counters.
CLOSE Switches the serial port to measurement mode.
ERRORS Fetches the error codes and counter information from WMT700.
G Displays either all or specified parameters.
H Displays a list of data messages and available values for measurement unit, profile, baud rate, interface, and analog output mode.
MEAS Starts wind measurement based on the user-configurable averaging time. WMT700 does not send data messages automatically.
POLL Tests data polling.
RESET Resets WMT700.
S Changes selected parameters or defines new data messages.
START Starts continuous measurement.
STOP Stops continuous measurement.
VERSION Displays the software version.
WIND_GET Fetches wind calibration information.