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WMT700 Series User Guide

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Problem Probable cause Action
Wind measurement failure. WMT700 is sending irregular data values. The installation site is causing measurement problems. Check that the installation site matches the requirements listed in Placing WMT700.
Snow, ice, a bird, or some other object is blocking the measurement path between the ultrasonic transducers. Remove the blockage and check that the wind transducers are not damaged. If the blockage is ice or snow, it melts after some time if you use a heated version of WMT700. Duration of the blockage depends on the severity of the weather event. If birds are causing the blockage, consider installing a bird cage. See Bird cage.
Reported wind direction is not correct. WMT700 is misaligned, which causes an offset error. Realign WMT700 according to Aligning WMT700.
Wind direction indication acts erratically. Orientation of the sensor does not match the wndOrientation parameter value. Set the wndOrientation parameter value according to the actual orientation of the sensor. See Configuration parameter descriptions.
There is no response when you try to switch to configuration mode with the OPEN command. The WMT700 settings are unknown or they have been accidentally changed. Reset the serial communication settings to default values. See Restoring serial port settings.
WMT700 does not respond to any commands. The communication profile is not correct. Configure the communication profile to match the host communication profile. See Changing communication profile.
The wiring might be incorrect. Check the wiring, see Wiring.
Connection works but data messages are not available. You have mistyped the command. Use the ERRORS command to fetch the error messages from WMT700. See ERRORS — get error codes and counts.
Data messages are not in the expected format. The selected data message is not correct. If you use automatic messages: check the selected data message with the G command. If necessary, set a new value for the autoSend parameter. If you use polling: check that you are using the correct data message number in the polling command, see Table 1.
Some items are missing from the data messages. The configured data message does not contain all the required items. Define the data message again with the required items. See Parameter handling commands.
Configuration commands do not work. WMT700 is in measurement mode. Switch from measurement mode to configuration mode. See Communicating with terminal software.
WMT700 sends an error message as a response to a command. For probable causes, see Error and event messages. For remedies, see Error and event messages.
No signal is present on analog outputs. Analog output has been disabled. Enable analog output with the aout1_mode and aout2_mode parameters. See Configuration parameter descriptions.
Automatic data messages are not received although parameters are correct. WMT700 is not in continuous measurement mode. Initiate continuous measurement with the START command. See START — start continuous measurement.
Data from WMT700 is temporarily lost. The data logger and wind sensor are not in the same operating mode (polling or automatic transmission mode). Make sure that the data logger and wind sensor are both in either polling or automatic transmission mode.
Data messages are not received. Baud rates of the data logger and wind sensor do not match. Change the baud rate so that it is the same in the data logger and wind sensor.
Parameter does not change after typing the S command. The parameter requires reset before it becomes valid. Check Configuration parameter descriptions if you must reset before the parameter is changed.
Inconsistent serial communication or missing data. Pin contacts of the connector have become oxidized or the connector is not firmly attached. Change the WMT700 cable.
Retrofit installation of WMT700 is not possible. You do not have the correct mounting kit for the retrofit installation. Check that you are using the correct mounting adapter with your mounting kit. See WMT700 accessories.
WMT700 does not work properly after retrofit installation. Incorrect cables are used in the retrofit installation. Check that you have used cables listed in Connection cable prerequisites. If you do not have the correct cables, contact Vaisala technical support.
Connection to WMT700 is lost. The power supply is not sufficient, especially if you are using a heated version of WMT700. Check that the power supply matches the requirements in Powering WMT700.