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The following table lists all WMT700 commands.

Table 1. WMT700 commands
Command Description Mode/Profile
? Displays a list of configuration commands. Configuration mode
BAUD Changes or displays serial port settings.
CLEARERR Resets error counters.
CLOSE Switches the serial port to measurement mode.
ERRORS Displays error codes and counts.
G Displays either all or specified parameters.
H Displays a list of data messages and available values for measurement unit, profile, baud rate, interface, and analog output mode.
MEAS Starts wind measurement based on the user-configurable averaging time. WMT700 does not send data messages automatically.
POLL Tests data polling.
RESET Resets WMT700.
S Changes selected parameters or defines new data messages.
START Starts continuous measurement.
STOP Stops continuous measurement.
VERSION Displays the software version.
WIND_GET Fetches wind calibration information.
MEAS Starts wind measurement. The duration is based on the user-configurable averaging time. Measurement mode WMT700 profile
OPEN Switches the serial port to configuration mode.
POLL Fetches data from WMT700.
SLEEP Switches WMT700 from normal operating mode to low-power mode.
@a M 12 Polls data from WMT700 in the MES12 data message format. Measurement mode MES12 profile
WA Requests average wind speed and direction message. Measurement mode WS425 ASOS F/G profile
WS Requests the verbose Built-In Test (BIT) results.
WT Requests the short response BIT results and status.
WD Reports the BIT status.
WF Returns a fixed pattern of data.
$WIP Polls data from WMT700. Measurement mode WS425 A/B NMEA Extended profile
$aabbQ,MWV Polls NMEA MWV message from WMT700. Measurement mode WMT700 NMEA MWV profile
I Requests identification information from WMT700. Measurement mode WS425 A/B ASCII profile
Wx Starts measurement based on averaging time and fetches the data.
<esc><id> Polls data from WMT700.
?! Queries WMT700 for its address. Measurement mode SDI-12 profile
a! Ensures that WMT700 is responding.
aI! Queries WMT700 for its SDI-12 compatibility level, model number, and firmware version number.
aAb! Changes WMT700 address.
aC! Starts concurrent measurement.

Starts concurrent measurement. CRC is included in the response.

aD0! Fetches instant data from WMT700.
aM! Starts measurement.

Starts measurement. CRC is included in the response.

aV! Starts verification.