Coordinate systems: vector and polar calculations - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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The triangular geometry of the sensor is converted to orthogonal coordinates to achieve the x and y components. Then the sensor converts the wind vectors into polar coordinates.

The measurement results are reported as follows:

  • WMT700 reports WS (x, y) as 2 scalar speeds, one parallel to the N-S direction (x) and the other (y) parallel to the W-E direction.
    x = -WS × cos (WD)
    y = -WS × sin (WD)
  • WMT700 reports polar wind speed as a scalar speed in selected units (m/s, kt, mph, km/h).

Polar wind direction is expressed in degrees (°). WMT700 indicates the direction that the wind comes from. North is represented as 0°, East as 90°, South as 180°, and West as 270°.

Figure 1. Wind speed and direction presentations (direction offset 0)