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WMT700 Series User Guide

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When you select the WMT700 profile, you can operate WMT700 with these commands. In the command descriptions, <CR> is an ASCII carriage return control character and <LF> is an ASCII line feed control character. You can send commands at any speed. The command is executed when end-of-line character is received.

Each measurement mode command must start with the user-configurable WMT700 address. It can be any string of printable ASCII characters with the maximum length of 30 characters. Characters <CR>, <LF>, and $ are not allowed. If you use 0 as the address in the command, WMT700 responds regardless of the configured address.

If you have enabled response for parameter setting (messages parameter is set to 1), WMT700 responds to an invalid command with an error message.

Table 1. Measurement mode commands
Command Description
$aMEAS Starts wind measurement in single measurement mode. The duration of the measurement is based on the user-configurable averaging time.
$aOPEN Switches the serial port to configuration mode.
$aPOLL,y Fetches latest measurement data from WMT700.
$aSLEEP Switches WMT700 from normal operating mode to low-power mode.
$ Fixed text
a WMT700 address. If the value is 0, it refers to any WMT700 address.
y Identification number for the data message format.