WMT700 and WS425 analog output signals - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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WMT700 pin connections differ from the connections of WS425 in that wind speed signal output, both voltage and frequency signals, appears on WMT700 pin 13.

WMT700 analog outputs must be configured according to the appropriate analog output mode, which is either voltage, frequency, or potentiometer.
Table 1. WMT700 and WS425 analog output connections
WMT700 connector pin WMT700 signal Voltage output WS425 connector pin, wire color
13 Analog output AOUT1, wind speed Voltage 15, violet (connect pin 14 to ground)
Current Not available
Frequency 14, pink
2 Analog output AOUT2, wind direction Voltage 13, gray
Current Not available
Potentiometer 13, gray
17 Reference input for AOUT2 Potentiometer 12, white
12 Analog output ground All modes 1, black (common with supply ground)