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WMT700 Series User Guide

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This command starts wind measurement based on averaging time and fetches the data automatically when the measurement has finished. You must specify the averaging time in the command.

The averaging time supplied in the command (x) sets the averaging time for WMT700. When you change the averaging time, it applies to the next new wind value.

Name Description
x Time for averaging wind speed and wind direction. The range is from 1 to 9

WMT700 responds to the Wx command with a 19-character fixed-length data message.

Character Description
1 ┐02H (<STX>, start of transmission)
2 W
3 Averaging in seconds
4 Status: P = Pass F = Fail
5 Wind direction (most significant digit)
6 Wind direction (middle digit)
7 Wind direction (least significant digit)
8 Wind speed (most significant digit)
9 Wind speed (next digit)
10 Wind speed (next digit)
11 Wind speed (least significant digit)
12 . (dot character)
13 Wind speed (tenth digit)
14 Wind speed unit:

M = Miles per hour

K = Knots

L = Kilometers per hour

T = Meters per second

15 Checksum (most significant digit). For more information, see the note below.
16 Checksum (least significant digit)
17 └ 03H (<ETX>, end of transmission)
18 CR (carriage return)
19 LF (line feed)
The checksum is calculated from the characters from position 2 to 14. The accumulator initializes at 0 with the addition of the byte value. The checksum has a range of 0H … FFH.


W5 W5P1200013.2TDE

Interpretation of the example message:

  • 02H (<STX>, start of transmission)
  • Sensor ID: W
  • Averaging in seconds: 5
  • Sensor status: P = pass
  • Wind direction: 120
  • Wind speed: 0013
  • . (dot character)
  • Wind speed unit: T = meters per second
  • Checksum (most significant digit): D
  • Checksum (least significant digit): E
  • 03H (<ETX>, end of transmission)

Missing readings

If data is missing due to a measurement problem, the WS425 A/B ASCII message reports 999.9 for wind speed.