Heated body, transducers, and arms - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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Heated WMT700 sensors have the following symbol.

SLD235227-A-Hazard Warning Label

The sensor can be hot during normal operation. Avoid touching the sensor in operation. The sensor may detect touching as an ice blockage and start the high power melting mode.

Do not touch hot surfaces. Wear protective gloves when working with WMT700.

Let WMT700 cool down for 20 minutes after disconnecting the heating power supply.

The fully heated version of WMT700 is suitable for harsh weather conditions. It provides heating for the sensor body, transducers, and arms.

The functional principle is the same with the heated transducers and arms. Body heating is controlled independently of transducer and arm heating. The maximum heating power for the fully heated WMT700 is 350 W at 24 V and the average heating power is 252 W in harsh weather conditions. The inner temperature of the unit is measured continuously. If the inner temperature starts rising, body heating power automatically reduces to retain the optimum inner temperature of WMT700.

Figure 1. Fully heated WMT700 peak and average power