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WMT700 is a very reliable and rugged sensor. Since no moving or consumable parts are used, only minimal maintenance is required.

Preventive maintenance for WMT700 includes:

  • Checking that the transducers are not bent, twisted, or rotated. All transducers must be parallel to each other. A damaged array may cause inaccurate readings.
  • Checking that the transducers have not been scraped or touched with sharp objects. The silicon rubber coating must be undamaged. If the transducers or the coating is damaged, send the sensor to Vaisala for repair.
  • Verifying functionality by using the optional verifier to check the distance between the transducers.

WMT700 is calibrated at the factory and recalibration is not required. Periodic calibration of WMT700 is not required for technical reasons but some quality management systems may require regular calibration of the measuring instruments. To fulfill the requirements, Vaisala recommends recalibrating the sensor every 24 months. For more information, contact Vaisala Support Services. Vaisala offers optional accredited wind tunnel calibration services.

If the sensor becomes contaminated, clean it carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with mild detergent. Do not use solvents or a pressure washer to clean the sensor, since they may damage the silicon rubber transducer sleeve.

WARNING Some instruments and sensors or versions are heated. To avoid injury, do not touch heated parts when heating is on.
CAUTION Do not clean the instrument or sensor unless it is clearly contaminated.
CAUTION Handle with care. Any impact on the instrument or sensor array may cause damage and lead to incorrect measurements.
CAUTION Any temporary object (such as snow, ice, or a bird) that blocks the observation path between the ultrasonic transducer heads may lead to inaccurate or incorrect measurements.
CAUTION Do not open the instrument or sensor. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

Heated WMT700 sensors have the following symbol.

SLD235227-A-Hazard Warning Label

The sensor can be hot during normal operation. Avoid touching the sensor in operation. The sensor may detect touching as an ice blockage and start the high power melting mode.

Do not touch hot surfaces. Wear protective gloves when working with WMT700.

Let WMT700 cool down for 20 minutes after disconnecting the heating power supply.

In maritime environments, it is not possible to perform WMT700 software updates.