Upgrade prerequisites - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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You need the following components:

  • Correct mounting kit (already attached to the mast) for a retrofit installation. The following figure shows the available options.
    Figure 1. FIX30, WS425FIX60-RST, and WMT700FIX60-MARINE
  • Correct mounting adapter for your installation, The diameter of the mounting adapter for the adapters is 61 mm. Change the mounting adapter if necessary. If you are not sure that you have the correct mounting adapter, contact Vaisala.
    Figure 2. Mounting adapter for FIX30, WS425FIX60 (228777)
    Figure 3. Mounting adapter for WMT700FIX60-RST, WMT700FIX60-MARINE, and WMT70FIX (228869)
  • Correct cables for the mounting kit and analog output/serial communication. The table below lists the available cables for a retrofit installation. The In/Out stands for the possibility to route the cable either inside or outside of the mast.
If you have FIX30, do not use the adapter cables but order the appropriate WMT700 cable. The adapter cable does not fit inside the mast.
Table 1. Mounting kits and cable codes
Description Spare part item FIX70 FIX30 WS425FIX60
In Out In Out In Out
WMT700 cables with connector and open leads on one end CBL210706 all models