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The following list describes the status flags included in the data message when the status code item \er has been added to the message. Each bit corresponds to a specific status.

Status flags are coded in decimal number format. To extract each bit from the status code, the decimal number must be converted to binary format.

Table 1. Status
Bit Description
0 Temperature sensor failure on North transducer
1 Temperature sensor failure on East Transducer
2 Temperature sensor failure on South Transducer
3 Heater failure. Incorrect heater element resistance.
4 Too high (Vh > 40 V or Vi > 40 V) supply voltage.
5 Too low (Vh < 20 V or Vi < 10 V) supply voltage.
6 Wind speed exceeds operating limits.
7 Sonic temperature exceeds operating limits.
8 Wind measurement fails over 80% of the averaging time. Reported wind is still correct.
9 Not used.
10 Blocked sensor. Reported wind is still correct.
11 High noise level.
12 Not used

The status flags are set when an event is detected. The flags are cleared when a status message is reported. To get the current situation, you must read the status message twice. The first status message shows all events since the last read. The second status message shows the current situation.


The diagnostics has recognized the following concurrent failures: temperature sensor failure on East transducer (bit 1) and sonic temperature exceeds operating limits (bit 7). A binary value representing this combination (bit 1 and bit 7 => "1") in decimal format is 130.