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WMT700 Series User Guide

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The heaPeakPwr parameter sets WMT700 maximum peak power (in Watt). WMT700 has 3 heater resistors for each arm. The heaPeakPwr parameter determines how many resistors are on at the same time. WMT700 measures the supply voltage and calculates the maximum allowed number of heaters from the supply voltage and heater resistance. The heaPeakPwr parameter does not limit the power in the body heater of a heated version of WMT700.

Make sure the WMT700 power peak limit is lower than the power supply rating. Setting heaPeakPwr value too low reduces heating performance.
Use a power supply that has enough power for WMT700. Part of the power is dissipated in the cables.
Table 1. Sensor power of different heating options
Heating option Required sensor power Default value of heaPeakPwr Allowed parameter values
Transducers 40 W 30 0 ... 40
Transducers and arms 200 W 200 0 ... 200
Transducers, arms, and body 350 W 200 0 ... 350