Connection cable prerequisites - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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When you install WMT700, pay attention to the following issues.

Pay attention to how you route the cables in your mounting option. When you mount WMT700 on a mast, you can route the cable either outside or inside the mast depending on the mast type and other equipment, such as air terminals, installed to the mast.
CAUTION To avoid strain on the connector, make sure you connect the cable properly. Too much strain may cause the cable to fall off, damage the cable or connector, or make the cable or connector susceptible to water leakage.
The recommended minimum bending radius for the cable is 80 mm (3.15 in).
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.
WARNING Do not perform installation or maintenance procedures when there is a risk of thunderstorm or lightning activity in the area.
WARNING A long cable between units (sensors, transmitters, power supplies, and displays) can cause a lethal lightning-induced current surge. Always ground the enclosure to a suitable grounded location with a short, low-resistance cable.