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WMT700 Series User Guide

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In the crane application, WMT700 can provide wind speed value and drive alarm signals with 2 mA output channels. The WMT00 alarm output signal can be connected to external audible or visible devices to trigger wind speed alarm for user-defined limits.

Two analog channels are required for this application:

  • Channel 1 provides the wind speed value
  • Channel 2 provides the alarm signal
Figure 1. Analog output for wind speed and wind speed alarm

The wind speed value can be scaled according to the sensor’s measurement range. The alarm signal operates with on/off-mode. The alarm threshold can be adjusted. The following figure shows the relation of outputs.

Figure 2. mA output in cranes

The aout_map with setting 2 is for getting the wind speed value and the alarm signal. The wind speed value in the Aout1 channel activates the wind speed alarm when the wind speed value exceeds the set limit value.

s aout_map,2

The analog output 2 works as digital output. aout2_o sets the threshold wind speed (ws_tresh, unit [m/s]) to 20 m/s:

s aout2_o,20

s aout2_g,1

To invert the logic signal, type:

s aout2_g,-1.

aout1 gives wind speed 4 … 20 mA output.

aout2 gives 0 mA when the wind speed is < 20m/s, otherwise 20 mA.

s aout_map,2
s aout1_g,0.000044444
s aout1_o,0.004
s aout1maxv,0.020
s aout1minv,0.004
s aout1mode,0
s aout1err ,0.002
s aout2_g,1
s aout2_o,20
s aout2maxv,0.020
s aout2minv,0.000
s aout2mode,4
s aout2err ,0.00