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WMT700 Series User Guide

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If the messages parameter is set to 1, WMT700 sends error and event messages. The following table lists the available messages.

Table 1. Error and event messages
Error/Event code Probable cause Remedy
2 Event. Parameters are set to factory defaults. To change the default settings in configuration mode; see Communicating with terminal software.
3 Event. Wind calibration data has been lost. WMT700 ,must be calibrated. Contact Vaisala technical support.
10 Error. You get an invalid value when using the S command. Check the allowed parameter values; see Configurable parameters.
11 Error. Parameter used with the S command is unknown. Check that you are using the correct parameter names, see Configurable parameters.
12 Error. Unknown command. Check the allowed commands in WMT700 commands.
13 Error. The string before the end of the command character is too long. Check the command and parameter names you are using.
To troubleshoot WMT700, you can also:
  • Fetch the error and event messages with the ERRORS command.
  • Include diagnostics-related items in the data message.