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WMT700 Series User Guide

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With the S command you can define new data messages, configure data messages, and change parameter values.

If the messages parameter value is 1, enabled, WMT700 responds to an invalid command with an error message. If the messages value is 0, disabled, WMT700 does not respond to the commands. You can fetch the most recent error data in the configuration mode with the ERRORS command.

Do not switch the power supply off immediately after the S command. To save the updated parameters, power must be on for at least 5 seconds after the S command.
S x,y
Name Description
x Any parameter in Configuration parameter descriptions.
y Value of the parameter

Example 1

The baud rate is set to 2400 bps, parity to even, data bits to 8 bits, and stop bits to 1 bit. You must reset WMT700 before the communication settings take place.

S com1_baud,2 S com1_parity,1 S com1_data,8 S com1_stop,1
You can also change or view the serial port settings with the BAUD command. With the BAUD command the communication settings take place immediately.

Example 2

The analog output 1 is set to send measurement data as a current signal, the gain is set to 1 mA/m/s and the offset to 4 mA.

S aout1_o,0.004 S aout1_g,0.001 S aout1mode,0

Example 3

Both analog outputs are disabled to reduce power consumption.

S aout1mode,3 S aout2mode,7