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WMT700 Series User Guide

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You can configure WMT700 settings over the RS-485, RS-422, or RS-232 interface using configuration files. You can send a text file containing the configuration settings to the sensor with a terminal program, such as Tera Term or Windows HyperTerminal.

  1. To fetch the current WMT700 parameters, use the G command.
  2. To disable error messages, type the command S messages,0
  3. Copy the values from the terminal program to a file. Remove the parameters you do not want to change. and the messages parameter to avoid switching messaging on during the transfer.
  4. Clear the error counters with the CLEARERR command.
  5. Send the file to WMT700 to change the settings.
  6. To verify that the parameters are set correctly (the values are in the allowed range and all parameters are valid), read the error counters with the command ERRORS.

    If all values are valid, WMT700 sends the following response:


    You can also use the G command to check that the parameters are set correctly.

    If the response for parameter setting is not disabled (as instructed in step 3) but the messages parameter is set to 1 instead, WMT700 responds to each S command confirming the new parameter values. If an error occurs during the configuration, WMT700 sends a response containing the error messages.

    RS-485 is a half-duplex interface. If the RS-485 interface is used and response for parameter setting is enabled (messages parameter is set to 1), a simple terminal program cannot be used for loading parameters from file.


This configuration file contains all user-configurable WMT700 parameters.

S wndAvg,1.00000
S wndUnit,0
S wndDirOffset, 0.00000
S wndOrientation,0
S wndGustTime,3.00000
S wndCover,4
S wndVector,1
S wndCoast,0.00000
S autoInt,1.00000
S autoSend,0
S autoPort,1
S com1_baud,4
S com1_parity,0
S com1_data,8
S com1_stop,1
S com1_protocol,0
S com1_delay,20
S com2_baud,4
S com2_parity,0
S com2_data,8
S com2_stop,1
S com2_protocol,0
S com2_delay,20
S com2_interf,0
S sleepTime,5
S startDelay,5
S heaterOn,1.00000 
S freqType,0
S aout1_o,0.00000
S aout1_g,1.00000
S aout1minv,0.00000
S aout1maxv,32000.0
S aout1err,1000.00
S aout1mode,3
S aout2_g,1.00000
S aout2_o,0.00000
S aout2minv,0.00000
S aout2maxv,32000.0
S aout2err,1000.00
S aout2mode,7
S msg1,\ss$\ws,\wd,\se\sp\cr\lf
S msg2,2
S msg3,3
S msg4,4
S address,A
S messages,1