WS425 F/G ASOS commands - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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WMT700 responds to each command with a fixed-length message. In the command descriptions, <CR> is an ASCII carriage return control character and <LF> is an ASCII line feed control character.

When the WS425 F/G ASOS profile is selected, WMT700 only responds to upper case characters.

The following commands are available for operating WMT700 with the WS425 F/G ASOS profile.

Table 1. WS425 F/G ASOS commands
Command Description
WA Requests average wind speed and direction message.
WS Requests the verbose built-in test (BIT) results.
WT Requests the short response BIT results and status.
WD Reports the BIT status.
WF Returns a fixed pattern of data

The WA command is executed by the ASOS at an interval that ranges from 1 to 30 seconds. For the WA command, WMT700 responds to the ASOS interrogation poll within 250 milliseconds of receiving the request.

The following WS425 F/G ASOS commands cannot be used with WMT700: WB, WFIRMWARE, WJ, WR, WCAL, WH, WCDV, WSTK, WL, WM, WN, WSST, and WATE. You can only configure WMT700 in the configuration mode. For a list of configuration commands for WMT700, see Configuration.