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WMT700 Series User Guide

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The following table lists the configurable parameters and their allowed and default values for the WS425 F/G ASOS profile.

Table 1. Configurable parameters for WS425 F/G ASOS profile
Parameter Default value Profile-specific allowed values Description
autoSend 0 0 = Automatic messages disabled Automatic data message number. Selects the data message format for automatic messages
com1_protocol 0 1 2 = WS425 F/G ASOS Profile for serial port COM1
com2_protocol 2 2 = WS425 F/G ASOS Profile for serial port COM2
com2_interf N/A 2

0 = RS-485

1 = RS-422

3 = RS-232

Interface for serial port COM2
wndAvg 5

0.125 … 3600

Resolution: 0.125

Averaging time for wind measurement in seconds
wndGustTime 3

0.25 … 3600

Resolution: 0.25

Averaging time for wind minimum and maximum in seconds
wndOrientation 0

0 = Array facing up

1 = Array facing down

Orientation of the array of WMT700
wndUnit 0 2

0 = Meters per second (m/s)

1 = Miles per hour (mph)

2 = Kilometers per hour (km/h)

3 = Knots (knot)

Wind speed unit
wndVector 0 0 = Scalar averaging Wind averaging method

To start continuous measurement, use the START command.

To stop measurement, use the STOP command.

1 The parameter has no protocol-specific default value. It is determined separately in the configuration code.
2 Wind speed unit and COM2 digital communication interface are defined in the order form. Default setting may be any of the allowed options, and it can be verified from the unit’s configuration code.