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Analog outputs can be used in road and rail tunnel applications as well as crane applications.

You can get horizontal and direction data with the parameter aout_map. The aout_map parameter defines how analog output signals are used. WMT700 provides the following analog outputs:
  • aout1 for wind speed data
  • aout2 for wind direction data
Table 1. aout_map values
Parameter Definition
0 aout1, wind speed

aout2, wind direction (default)

1 aout1, North-South, x component

aout2, West-East, y component

Typically, only the component x is used.

2 aout1, wind speed

aout2, wind speed alarm

A digital output: hi when wind speed > aout2_0

The following table shows the relationship between polar representation and the x and y vector components.

Table 2. Wind y and x components at different wind direction angles
Wind speed Wind direction x component y component
1 0 -1 0
1 90 0 -1
1 180 1 0
1 270 0 1