Upgrade from WS425 to WMT700 - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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When upgrading to WMT700, you have the following installation options:

  • Basic installation: mounting WMT700 with the FIX70 mounting kit and the WMT700 mounting adapter. Uninstall the WS425 wind sensor and mounting kit. See Installing WMT700.
  • Retrofit installation: mounting WMT700 with a WS425 mounting kit and the WMT700 mounting adapter for FIX30/60.

At the measurement site, mount WMT700 and connect it to the power source and data acquisition system.

After upgrading to WMT700, you can install the optional bird prevention kit available for the wind sensor.

WARNING To protect personnel and the wind sensor, install an air terminal with the tip at least 1 meter above WMT700. The air terminal must be properly grounded, compliant with all local applicable safety regulations. Do not install the wind sensor above the top of the air terminal.
WARNING Do not perform installation or maintenance procedures when there is a risk of thunderstorm or lightning activity in the area.
CAUTION Handle with care. Any impact on the instrument or sensor array may cause damage and lead to incorrect measurements.
Save the container and all the packaging materials for future transporting or shipping.