Communicating with terminal software - WMT700

WMT700 Series User Guide

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  • Computer with a serial port
  • Cables for the serial connection
  • Any terminal software, such as Tera Term or HyperTerminal for Windows.
  1. Connect a cable between your terminal computer, power supply, and WMT700.
  2. Open the HyperTerminal program.
  3. Cancel the new connection.
  4. Select File > Properties.
  5. Select the correct COM port and select Configure.
  6. Set the communication parameters according to the configured port settings of WMT700. The default values for WMT700 are:
    Communication parameter Default value
    Bits per second 9600
    Data bits 8
    Parity None
    Stop bits 1
    Flow control None
  7. Select Apply > OK.
  8. Select Settings > ASCII setup > ASCII sending - Send line ends with line feed (optional) > OK. Close the New Connection Properties window.
  9. Select View > Font and in the Font list, select Terminal.
  10. Select Call > Call. Type a name and select an icon for the connection. Select OK.

    When a serial line cable is connected to the computer and the terminal setup is correct, switch the sensor power supply on. The following information is displayed:

           WMT700 v<version number>

    The sensor goes to measurement mode after 4 seconds and it is ready to receive measurement mode commands.

At the end of each command, press ENTER to execute the command. The following combinations of carriage return <CR> and line feed <LF> are accepted: <CR>, <LF>, and <CR><LF>.

The communication baud rate can be 300 ... 115200 baud.