Viewing Conditions on Dashboards - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Dashboard images are added to Zones and/or Locations by users with Manage Sites right and Full Controlpermissions. Dashboard images are added to views by users with Manage Views right. All users can see site dashboards in the Sites window, and see view dashboards in the Overview window. Locations on a dashboard may display alarm status with color coded icons or background color.

Table 1. Dashboard Alarm Status
No alarm condition detected Green
High priority alarm Red icon, or
with red background
Medium priority Alarm Orange
Low priority alarm Yellow
Information priority alarm Blue
Table 2. Dashboard Navigation Tools
Icon Description
Refresh/Undo: Update data readings, or if there are unsaved changes to the dashboard, the icon changes to allow you to undo all unsaved changes.
View Trend: View a Location’s historical data as a trend in a new browser window.
Find in Tree: Highlight the selected Location in the Zones and Locations navigation tree.