Editing Host Properties - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Manage Devices

Depending on the type of host you use, various properties can be modified:

  • On the viewLinc ES server all properties are editable.
  • On an access point host you can modify the description, and enable or disable installation mode when pairing new RFL data loggers.
  • On a device host server you can modify the description, and enable or disable automatic recognition of vNet devices (viewLinc Aware).
  1. In Sites Manager select the Hosts and Devices tab.
  2. On the Hosts and Devices tree, select a host.
  3. Select Configure > Edit Properties.
  4. In the Edit Host Properties window, edit available properties for viewLinc Enterprise Server host (go to step 5 for Access Point host properties).
    Alternate viewLinc server name
    If the viewLinc ES is behind a firewall, add a server name to ensure that device hosts are recognized, even if the IP address of the viewLinc ES changes.
    viewLinc Enterprise Server port
    This is the port that device hosts use when connecting to the viewLinc ES (refer to your IT port policy to determine if it needs to change).
    viewLinc Aware
    Disable this function if you have another viewLinc ES or device host running on the same subnet (to ensure vNets connect to the correct viewLinc ES or device host).
    viewLinc system ID (64-bits)
    The auto-generated system ID is used by devices to recognize the viewLinc ES. If you need to change this number, contact Vaisala Technical Support for assistance.
  5. In the Edit Host Properties window, edit available properties for an Access Point host.
    Add a description (up to 64 alpha-numeric characters) to help identify this host. On the Hosts and Devices tree the host name appears in addition to the description. For example, My Host (AP10-X###).
    Installation mode
    Enable this function to pair new RFL data loggers with the access point.
    RFL data loggers can only be paired with an access point that has installation mode enabled. Once paired, installation mode can be disabled. You can enable or disable installation mode in viewLinc or in the access point web UI. For more information refer to the AP10 User Guide.
    VaiNet channel (1-8)
    If your viewLinc system supports several access points on the same wireless frequency, each access point requires a unique channel number to ensure uninterrupted wireless communication.
    AP display
    Set the panel display on or off.
    AP display brightness
    Select the panel display brightness level.
    AP LED
    Set the device signal light on or off.
    AP LED brightness
    Select the device signal light brightness level.
  6. Save your changes.