Building Trends - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Compare live data for multiple Locations, and display the data in a graph. You require view permission for all Locations you want to include in the trend graph.

You can build trends in the Sites or Views Manager windows.
  1. In the Sites Manager window, navigate the Zones and Locations tree and select a Location you want added to the trend, or in Views Manager on the Views tree, select a view that contains the Location(s) you want to view as a trend.
  2. Select the Trend tab.
  3. Use your mouse to drag the selected Location or view to the Trend pane. You can continue to build upon and modify your trend at any time by simply dragging more Locations onto the graph (up to 16 Locations, up to 4 measurement units).
  4. To modify the trend start date, select Edit Trend:
    Show trend for [time] ending at [date/time]
    Trends only display data logged up to the current time. You can select a set trend time period up to 1 month prior to the current date/time.
    Show trend from [date/time] to [date/time]
    If you want to see more historical data, select a specific time period to show (you cannot select a future date).
    Include real-time samples
    When checked, this option includes more frequent real-time samples alongside with the logged device data (based on the device sample rate).
    Show data markers
    When checked, this option adds small markers on the trend graph, indicating exactly when the readings took place.
    Vertical Axis Scale
    For each measurement value, you can set the minimum or maximum range you want included in the trend, or choose Auto to include all values.
When you create a trend in Sites or Views Manager window, you can save the trend as a view and share it with team members, or save the graph as a Location history report for future reference.