Enabling or Disabling Timebase Synchronization - viewLinc 5.1

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Synchronized data collection timing between viewLinc and your DL data loggers ensures more accurate data collection by automatically correcting time drift. When the DL data logger timebase synchronization feature is enabled, the time clock in a DL data logger is continuously compared with the viewLinc clock and adjusted, if required.

Minor time drift is expected over long data monitoring periods, and can be a result of the impact of temperature on a device collecting data (such as a data logger in a cold area) and where the data is sent (computer in a controlled server room).

Enable DL data logger timebase synchronization only on one viewLinc Enterprise Server. Timebase synchronization only corrects time drift up to 15 minutes. If the drift is greater than 15 minutes, clear data logger history.
  1. In System Preferences on the General tab, select the DL data logger timebase synchronization row.
  2. Set to Enabled or Disabled.
  3. Select Save.