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Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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All viewLinc monitoring systems require the installation of viewLinc Enterprise Server software on a local or remote dedicated server. If you are setting up a medium or large monitoring system using several devices, it is recommended that you install viewLinc Device Host software on additional dedicated servers for greater network stability and flexibility.

  • viewLinc Enterprise Server software: This installation software is required on the dedicated Windows server, to monitor and administer all devices connected to it, wired and wireless. It defines the system language, data storage paths, and monitoring conditions.
  • viewLinc Device Host software: This installation software can be installed on additional, dedicated servers. It allows automatic communication with the viewLinc Enterprise Server computer while offering protection from bandwidth and network communication issues. It provides you with greater flexibility when managing device configuration across a large network.

Refer to the Device Host and Enterprise Server requirements for different installation sizes, to determine if your system is better suited to one or both software installations.

During viewLinc Enterprise Server software installation you are required to either upload your company's existing security certificate and key files, or generate viewLinc-signed files.