Setting Measurement Unit Display Preferences - viewLinc 5.1

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Channel measurement units are preset in your devices. However, you can display device measurement units differently in viewLinc. For example, if a channel tracks voltage in MilliAmps, you could change the viewLinc display text to, mA.

  1. In System Preferences select the Units tab.
  2. Select a unit type row, then select Edit.
  3. Update the unit properties:
    For non-viewLinc default unit types, you can modify the name of the unit type.
    Device Units
    Type a maximum of 6 CAPITAL letters per unit of measurement. Use a comma (,) to separate unit types.
    Display Text
    Type the format to display for each unit. For example, if a temperature unit is C, you may want to display Celsius.
    Set the minimum value permitted for this unit.
    Set the maximum value permitted for this unit.
  4. To add new device units, select Add. In the New Unit window make sure you type the unit properties as they are set in your device.
    See your device user's guide to determine current unit properties and min/max values.
  5. Select Save.

You can delete any unit types that were manually added and are not currently used by a Location or threshold alarm template.