Locking or Unlocking DL Data Loggers - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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viewLinc 5.1
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If your viewLinc monitoring system includes DL data loggers, viewLinc can be set to prevent other software (such as other installations of viewLinc or vLog) from being used to make changes to DL data loggers.

Lock DL data loggers to ensure other software cannot be used to:

  • Modify data logger or channel description
  • Enable or disable a channel
  • Set sample interval
  • Clear data logger
  • Set channel scaling
  • Change warmup time

DL data loggers that are linked to vLog or Spectrum software prior to being connected to viewLinc are remote locked. You can unlink data loggers in vLog (refer to your vLog user guide for instructions), or undo the remote lock in viewLinc.