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Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Vaisala viewLinc 5.1 provides you and your team with new integrated feature functionality to expand your network monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Table 1. New viewLinc 5.1 Features
Feature Description
Signal tower support Connect signal towers for wide-area visual and/or audible alarming (specific Patlite tower models supported).
Modbus device communication Expand your system capability by connecting Modbus-enabled environmental measurement devices to viewLinc, such as Vaisala or third-party devices. Requires Modbus device license to connect non-Vaisala Modbus devices.
Voice and/or SMS notifications via web service Set up call tree notifications using a web-enabled voice call messaging service. Sign up for an account with Twilio to allow this web service provider to manage outgoing voice and/or SMS notifications and incoming acknowledgements. Requires Voice and/or SMS web service license(s).
Vaisala OPC UA Server integration Share viewLinc data with other applications. The Vaisala OPC UA Server is standalone software installed on a separate server. Requires Vaisala OPC UA Server license.

Use an HTTP application programming interface to initiate requests for viewLinc data from third party applications. Requires viewLinc Web API license.

REST API update to Web API license REST API functionality added to the Web API license. Available starting from viewLinc 5.1 Service Update 3.
Finnish language support The user interface language can be set to Finnish. The Tours tutorial content is also available in Finnish. Available starting from viewLinc 5.1 Service Update 4.
To increase the number of monitored devices on your system, an additional viewLinc license may be required. To see the remaining available device room see Help > About.
Table 2. Key Features of viewLinc
Feature Description
VaiNet support Supports RFL100 and AP10 devices, using VaiNet wireless technology.
Setup support Interactive tours help both new and seasoned users.
User guidance at your fingertips User-focused design ensures more intuitive software interaction.
Flexible alarm notifications Send visual, audible, email, SMS or voice alarm notifications when conditions you are monitoring are out of compliance or if there is a network communication problem.
Controlled access Manage access to monitored areas, system configuration or alarm acknowledgement functions according to a user's group.
Multi-level thresholds Easily enable one or more threshold levels on one template.
Integrated software functionality Configure data logger calibration duration and other important device settings in viewLinc, without requiring additional software.
Multi-language support Send reports and notifications to your team members around the world in one of nine languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, PT, SV, FI, JA, ZH).
Wireless device discovery All new wireless devices connected to your network are automatically discovered by viewLinc.
System security All users who log in to viewLinc require a secure connection. During installation you can upload existing security certificate and key files, or automatically generate viewLinc-signed certificate and key files.
Audit trail security Store complete audit trail records for reporting compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory and accreditation requirements.
Monitoring visibility Add site maps to the dashboard to easily identify your devices and the areas where they operate.
Easy alarm response Create predefined comments that can be used to provide a quick response to alarm notifications.
Data monitoring View real-time data in a customizable, graphical format.
Global reporting Generate reports on historical data and alarm reports according to user-specified language.
Efficient data logger maintenance Swap a device for calibration or replacement purposes without breaking the data audit trail.