Allowing Remote Acknowledgement - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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viewLinc must be configured to allow users to acknowledge alarm notifications remotely, via email, SMS, or voice call.

Each user who is permitted to acknowledge SMS alarm notifications remotely must include a mobile number and unique PIN on their user account profile.
  1. In System Preferences on the General tab, enable the acknowledgement option(s) you want:
    Email alarm acknowledgement
    To allow email acknowledgement, make sure your email server is set up to receive email acknowledgements.
    SMS alarm acknowledgement
    To allow SMS acknowledgement, make sure each user has a mobile phone number and unique PIN entered in their user account profile. Also make sure your SMS modem is set up to receive SMS acknowledgements, or you have set up an SMS web service account and SMS web settings configured.
    Voice alarm acknowledgement
    Acknowledgment by voice call requires a voice web service account and voice settings configured.
  2. Select Save.