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An integral feature of the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System is the ability to configure multiple alarming functions to ensure that you are notified as soon as conditions exceed set parameters. Alarm events are immediately visible on a user's desktop or a remote display, and viewLinc can also be configured to initiate audible browser alarms, deliver email, send SMS messages (via modem or web service provider), or issue voice calls to individuals on a call tree.
Activation of web-enabled SMS and voice messaging services requires purchase of feature license keys and a service provider account.

Alarm notification templates define:

  • When to send an alarm notification.
  • Who should receive a notification.
  • How the notification is delivered (email, SMS, voice call).
  • If a visual external alarm command is initiated.
  • If a notification delay is required after an alarm is triggered, and if the notification will repeat at timed intervals to the same or different recipient(s).

The content of an alarm notification is defined by the messaging template associated with the alarm.

Audible browser alarms are enabled in System Preferences on the General tab, and the user receiving an alarm must have their PC set up to receive audible alarms.

Alarm notification templates can be assigned to Locations using a threshold alarm template, to a linked Location's device alarm templates, or can be assigned to system alarms (see System Preferences > System Alarms).


If you want a notification sent to an on-site supervisor, you could create an email notification with a short delay period, perhaps 1 minute, and an SMS notification to be issued at 20 minutes.

You may also want a voice call notification delivered to someone else with a different delay period, for example 20 minutes. If the first notification is not acknowledged within 20 minutes, the second notification is automatically sent.