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Schedules define a specific period of time when a user can receive alarm notifications, or to restrict the time frame when threshold alarms can be triggered for a Location.

Before you can apply schedules to users or Locations, make sure scheduling functionality is enabled.
  1. In Alarm Templates select Schedules > Add.
  2. On the Add Schedule window define the schedule settings:
    You can create a schedule before setting it to Enabled. Once the schedule is applied to users or Locations, you can quickly enable or disable it here. If a schedule is disabled, thresholds are always monitored and notifications always sent for threshold excursions.
    Type a unique name for the schedule.
    Time zone
    Select the time zone you want the schedule to use. If your company monitors conditions in multiple time zones, you may want to create schedules for each time zone.
    Start date
    Choose a start date by typing in the text box or choosing a date from the calendar. This date defines the day of the week to start the schedule.
    Repeat schedule every
    To set the schedule for a standard work week that repeats every 7 days, type 7 and do not create an active time period for non-work days. For a continuous week (no days off), type 9. The maximum value is 99 days.
    Define active time periods
    Specify the time period for each day in the cycle, in 24-hour time. Use the following format (xx:xx is the start time and yy:yy is the end time):
    This time period specifies when threshold alarming is active and alarm notifications will be issued.
  3. Select Save.

You can now apply this schedule to Locations and/or users.