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Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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viewLinc 5.1
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Data is collected from Vaisala monitoring devices connected directly to your network - wired or wireless data loggers and transmitters. Additional devices may be connected to your network, such as Vaisala or non-Vaisala Modbus-enabled environmental monitoring equipment, or signal towers.
Your viewLinc license defines the number of monitoring devices (data loggers/transmitters/Vaisala Modbus devices) that can be added. An additional Modbus license is required to add non-Vaisala Modbus devices.See Help > About to view your current licensed options.

Different types of devices are added to viewLinc in a variety of methods:

  • RFL100-series wireless data loggers: Automatically identified, manually accepted.
  • vNet devices: Automatically identified and automatically added (if on the same subnet), or added manually.
  • DL data loggers: Automatically identified and added automatically or manually.
  • HMT140-series data loggers: Automatically identified and added automatically or manually.
  • 300-series transmitters: Added manually.
  • Modbus devices: Added manually.
  • Signal towers: Added manually.
Devices and hosts can be managed by users assigned Manage Devices right. Some configuration tasks can only be performed by members of the Administrators group.