Enabling or Disabling a Device Alarm Assigned to a Location - viewLinc 5.1

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Manage Sites, Manage Alarm Templates

To prevent unnecessary alarming during system maintenance periods, which may take more than 24 hours, disable device alarms. You can also disable all alarming on a device for a temporary period, up to 24 hours.

Alternatively, to stop all device alarming and data logging until further notice or even permanently, you can deactivate a device or host.

  1. In Sites Manager select a Location in the Zones and Locations tree.
  2. On the Device Alarm Settings tab select the device alarm type you want to enable or disable. You must have at least Configure Alarms permission for the selected Location.
  3. Select   Edit device alarm settings.
  4. In the Edit Device Alarm Settings window set the Status option to Enabled or Disabled.
  5. Select Save.