System Alarms - viewLinc 5.1

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System alarms occur automatically when viewLinc detects changes made outside standard desktop operation. It is issued to warn of possible database tampering.

If you receive a system alarm notification (email or SMS), investigate possible causes, acknowledge the alarm notification, and, if required, follow your company's standard operating procedures (SOPs) to resolve the issue.

Critical system errors and warnings are automatically sent to the IT Network manager, and you have the option of sending additional email or SMS system alarm notifications to members of the default Administrators group.

You can modify the content of system alarm email and SMS messages.

Types of System Alarms

  • Database Validation: This alarm indicates device tampering such as a change to the configuration database, data modifications (a possible external script), or data corruption.
  • Event Log Validation: This alarm indicates database security interruptions, such as a change made to the event log from outside the viewLinc system.