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Four levels of permission define the Zones and Locations group members can view and access, and, depending on the permission level granted, which functions a user can perform. Even if a group has Manage Sites right, members of the group can only modify settings for the linked Locations their group is permitted to access.

Permission levels are applied to Zones and can include or exclude sub-zones and Locations. By default, all users in the viewLinc Everyone group have View permission to view the top system Zone, viewLinc, but must be given View permission to see Zones or Locations that are added. Members of the viewLinc Administrators group have the highest permission level, Full Control, and can see and manage all new Zones and Locations that are added.

To manage permissions most effectively, apply group permission levels to specific Zones, and allow the permission to be inherited all sub-zones.

Important Notes about Permissions

  • Permissions granted to a Zone apply to all sub-zones and Locations (inherited).
  • An individual user's permission is based on the highest group permission available for the Zone.
  • If you upgraded from version 4.3.x or earlier version of viewLinc, permissions assigned to users are preserved; however, if you remove a user's permission it cannot be reapplied.
Before assigning permissions to groups, make sure each group has the rights required to complete tasks associated with the Zone or Location.


Francis is responsible for generating and distributing alarm reports created by the teams working in Zone: Laboratory A and Zone: Warehouse X. Francis is also responsible for acknowledging threshold alarms on all Locations in the sub-zone Workstation 1. Francis does not need to see the sub-zone Workstation 2, or the Zones Laboratory B or Laboratory C.

  1. Add Francis to a group with Manage Reports right.
  2. Assign the group View permission to Warehouse X, and make the permission inheritable to all sub-zones and Locations.
  3. Assign the group Acknowledge Alarms permission to Laboratory A and make the permission inheritable to all sub-zones and Locations.