Creating Alarm Reports - viewLinc 5.1

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Manage Reports

Alarm reports identify alarm event patterns over a period of time.

  1. In Reports select Add > Alarm Report.
    To reuse settings from an existing alarm report, select the report, then select Add > Copy Selected Report.
  2. Complete the General tab:
    Type a unique name for the new report.
    Report owner
    Your viewLinc username appears automatically, as the report owner. If you have Manage Reports right, you can select a different or additional user to modify this report.
    Range type
    Specify the period of time you want the report to include. A fixed date sets duration according to specific dates, or choose a period in hours/days/weeks/months.
    Duration of report
    Specify the time period you want included in the report. If you want to include only the last 8 hours of data, type 8 and then choose hours from the drop-down list.
    Time zone
    Change this value if reporting time zone is not the same as the server time zone.
    PDF font
    If you want to generate a report that uses in Chinese or Japanese characters, select the language. Otherwise, leave as No Asian Characters to reduce the generated file size.
    Available as quick report
    Allow users to generate this report from the Sites and Overview windows. Quick reports generate data for the user’s selected Location(s) or view(s).
  3. If you selected the range type, Most recent events, you can choose to generate the report automatically. Complete the Automatic Generation section:
    For large report data sets, we recommend that you schedule report generation at a time when few users are using the system, such as after business hours.
    Generate and email
    Generate and then send the report directly to specific viewLinc users and groups.
    Generate and save
    Generate and then save the report to a specific file location.
    Save To
    Specify an accessible network server or restricted file location where you want the report saved.
    Saved reports are automatically generated in the system default language unless a report language is specified.
    Start generating
    Set the data generation start date and time.
    Generate report every
    Set the start date and time you want the report generated.
    Report format
    Specify whether you want the report generated hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. On the Content tab, identify the data you want included in the report:
    Include content
    Include a summary of all active, activated, deactivated and acknowledged alarms by Location.
    Report detail level
    Choose to group all alarm details in shortened form or expand the length of the report to include all alarm details. Depending on the number of alarms, this can increase the size and time required to generate the report significantly.
    Alarm content
    Choose to report on specific types of device alarms.
  5. On the Source Data tab, use the navigation tree to select the Zones and/or Locations you want to include in the report:
    Zones and Locations
    To select all Locations in a Zone, select the checkbox corresponding to the Zone name. When a Zone is selected, all current and future Locations are automatically included in the report. To select or deselect a specific Location in a Zone, expand the Zone.
  6. Modify report output display options on the Page Layout tab:
    Choose the report page size and orientation.
    Page Header/Page Footer
    For header or footer options, choose to display on all pages, on the first page only, on the last page only, or on the first and last page.
    Left header, Center header or Right header
    To define the content of your header or footer, type text in the Left header, Center header or Right header fields. You can also use the Footer field to include a Signature box or Comments boxes.
    To include an image instead of text in Left header, select Image, then choose a .jpg image file from the drop-down (for previously used images) or upload a new .jpg image file using Upload new button.
    Only .jpg files can be used in reports. The image file must not exceed 154 × 48 pixels.
  7. Save the new report.