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Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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Rights are assigned to groups, and give all users in a group access to functional areas in viewLinc. Groups can be given one or more rights, and users can be members of one or more groups. By default all new users are automatically assigned to the Everyone group with the right, Manage Events.

Users created in an earlier version of viewLinc retain any rights that were assigned in the earlier version. To manage access to different functional areas of viewLinc more effectively, remove legacy user rights and assign the user to a group with the same rights.
Once removed, legacy user rights cannot be reapplied.

Users assigned to the viewLinc Administrators group are automatically granted these additional system-level functions:

  • Undo remote-lock on DL data loggers
  • Restart viewLinc
  • Test network communications
  • Acknowledge all inactive alarms
  • Acknowledge system alarms
  • Correct security status
  • Pause host alarms
  • Add users to the Administrators group
  • Edit user profiles of Administrators group members
Table 1. Rights Definitions
Name Access to Description
 Manage Alarm Templates Alarm Templates Add or edit alarm templates (threshold alarms, device alarms, notifications, email and SMS content, schedules).
Manage Devices Sites Manager, Hosts and Devices tab Add, edit, deactivate, or lock devices; Modify host alarm settings. Requires Full Control permission on linked Locations.
 Manage Events Overview, Sites, Reports, Alarms, Views Manager, and Events View, add events and event comments; Create personal views.
 Manage Reports Reports View, print, copy, or edit reports created by others (all users can add, edit or delete their own reports).
 Manage Sites Sites Manager, Hosts and Devices tab Add, edit, or deactivate Zones and Locations; Swap devices with linked Locations; Add threshold alarms and schedules; Assign group permission to Zones; Unlink channels from Locations.
 Manage System System Preferences Set or edit system-wide preferences; Add predefined comments; Add or modify users and groups.
 Manage Views Views Manager Add, edit, or share personal or other user’s views.
Group rights are refined by permissions. While rights allow groups to complete specific tasks in viewLinc windows, permissions control the Zones and/or Locations a group can view, configure or manage.