Applying Threshold Alarm Templates to Locations - viewLinc 5.1

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Manage Alarm Templates

After creating threshold alarm templates, you can apply the templates to Zones or to specific Locations. You can apply and enable up to six threshold alarm templates on one Location, to accommodate different monitoring needs at different times.

To apply a threshold alarm template to a Location, you require Configure Alarms permission or higher for the selected Location.
  1. In Sites Manager on the Zones and Locations tree, select a Zone or a Location (hold the CTRL key to select multiple Zones/Locations).
    Threshold alarm levels are ignored if they fall outside the Location's linked device measurement range.
  2. Select Manage > Add Threshold Alarms. Complete the fields in the Add Threshold Alarm window:
    Verify that you are adding a threshold alarm template to the correct Location(s). If you selected a Zone, the threshold alarm template is applied to all Locations in the Zone.
    Set status to Enabled to actively monitor thresholds on selected Location(s). If you do not want the threshold alarm settings activated on this Location until a later time (you may have more configuring to do), set as Disabled.
    Send to device
    Choose whether to send threshold level information to an RFL100-series or HMT140-series data logger. Select the threshold levels to display using the checkboxes in the Alarm on Device column. Only two levels can display on an HMT140 device (1 high and 1 low).
    Device password
    If the selected Location is linked to an HMT140 device with password functionality enabled, type the password to apply threshold settings.
    Measurement type
    Select the type of conditions being measured at this Location.
    Threshold alarm template
    Select an available threshold alarm template. The threshold template details appear in the grid.
  3. For each alarm level, update threshold alarm settings:
    Alarm on Device
    For RFL100 and HMT140 series data loggers. Choose which threshold level(s) to display (an HMT140 can accept 2 levels, one high and one low; RFL can accept 4 levels). For areas with several devices, you may want to display only the most critical threshold levels. If the device is moved, threshold levels remain enabled on the device.
    The Send to device option must be enabled to allow threshold levels to alarm on a device.
    Alarm Notification Template
    Select an alarm notification template to use if this threshold is exceeded. Alarm notification templates define who is notified and when.
    Message or Comment
    All threshold alarm notifications use content specified in viewLinc's default notification content templates. Use this field to insert custom text in place of the [AlarmMessage] and [Comment] macros embedded in the content templates. For example, you may want to add a description of an action required to resolve a common issue, "This pump tends to cause this alarm, make sure to reset it before acknowledging."
  4. Select Save.

To copy a threshold template to other Locations using the same measurement type:

  1. On the Threshold Alarm Settings tab, select a threshold.
  2. Select   Copy selected threshold alarm settings.
  3. On the Zones and Locations tree, select a Zone or Location.
  4. On the Threshold Alarm Settings tab, select   Paste to the selected Zone or Location.