Enabling or Disabling Audible Alarms - viewLinc 5.1

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Audible alarming activates a sound on a user's computer in the event of an alarm condition. An audible alarm icon displays on the viewLinc desktop UI,  Alarms (21).

  • To hear an audible alarm, the user must be logged into viewLinc on their computer and have audible alarms enabled on their user profile.
  • To turn off an active audible alarm, the user can click the alarm icon.
CAUTION Audible alarms are not heard if the user is not logged in, or is using a browser with audio turned off.
  1. In System Preferences select the General tab.
  2. On the Audible alarm notification row, select Enabled or Disabled.
  3. If audible alarms are enabled, use the Audible alarm sound row to select a sound. Select the   to start/stop a sound test.
  4. Select Save.