Configuring Voice Call Web Service - viewLinc 5.1

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Before you start, make sure you have added the voice call feature license, you have your Twilio account details available, and a valid internet-accessible URL is available. For more information, see Setting Up Voice or SMS Web Services.

  1. In System Preferences select the Voice Settings tab.
  2. Add your Twilio voice account settings:
    Account SID

    Type the security identification number provided by your voice messaging service provider. The SID is used to identify your account (like a username).

    Authentication token

    Type the token number provided by your voice messaging service provider. The token allows messages to be sent from your Twilio account (like a password).

    Phone number
    Add your Twilio phone number. This number is used to send notifications to your users.
    viewLinc URL

    Type the viewLinc Enterprise Server hostname or IP address used to access viewLinc through the Internet.

  3. Send a test message:
    1. Type a recognized viewLinc user's mobile phone number to receive the test message. Note that calls cannot be sent if viewLinc is not accessible through the Internet.
    2. If the voice test message is not delivered (it may take a minute before delivery), adjust the settings until the test message is sent successfully.
  4. Save the settings.