Viewing Events - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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The Events window displays the event log, a text-based listing of all event types—alarms, device changes, system updates—occurring with the software or affecting devices on your system.

To ensure no tampering has been recorded, check that the Event Log Status in the top right corner of the Events window displays status as valid.
  1. Open the Events window.
  2. To view events during a specific period, select Edit Duration.
  3. Specify the time frame.
    Show events for/ending at
    Choose a time frame with an end date.
    Show events from/to
    Type a specific date and time, or use the calendar buttons to make your selection.
  4. To refine the displayed events, select Show Advanced Filters.
  5. Select from the available filters.
    Select one or more types of events to include in the export.
    Select the Zones and/or Locations to include.
    Groups and Users
    Show events recorded by selected groups or users.
  6. Select Apply Filters. To reset filters, select Clear.
    After setting filters, you can use the Search field to display only events acknowledged by specific users or groups, or only events occurring at a specific Location.
  7. To view additional event information, such as comments and details added to custom events, double-click an event to open the Event Details window.

Event details can be used to review more specific information about why an alarm event occurred, or to see comments entered.