Setting Comments Preferences - viewLinc 5.1

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User-entered comments can provide valuable reference information about changes made to your system, or in response to network events.

You can specify whether users are required to enter comments manually, or if they should select a predefined comment. Comments can be used in several places: added to events, included in reports and email notification templates, or added during acknowledgement of alarm notifications.

  1. In System Preferences select the General tab.
  2. In the Comments on changes row, select an option:
    Not required
    Users will not be prompted to enter a comment when system changes are made.
    The comments window will appear for system changes, and users have the option to enter a comment or select a predefined comment.
    The comments window will appear and users must enter a comment or select a predefined comment.
    Only predefined comments required
    The comments window will appear with a list of available predefined comments. This option requires predefined comments to be available.
  3. Select Save.