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Alarm templates are used to define the alarm condition and notification requirements for Locations and devices.

Create threshold alarm templates to specify the conditions that should trigger an alarm, then apply the template to one or more Locations.
Default device alarm templates are provided and assigned to each new device connected to your viewLinc system. They specify how and when you want to be notified of device status. The default templates can be modified, or you can create new device alarm templates.
Create alarm notification templates to define who should be notified in the event of a threshold or device alarm, the information that should be distributed in email, SMS, or voice messages, or whether to initiate a command to activate visual or auditory alarms, and whether the notified individual must acknowledge an alarm. Alarm notification templates are applied to Locations using threshold alarm templates.
Default email, SMS and voice templates are provided. They contain standard information issued from viewLinc about different alarm conditions in your network. The default content can be modified. Note that SMS functionality requires a supported modem, and voice/SMS services via web require a Twilio account.
(Optional) Create schedules to define when Location thresholds should be monitored, and when you want alarm notifications sent. You can set up a day schedule and an evening schedule to send notifications to different teams, or set schedules to prevent users on holiday from receiving alarms. Schedules functionality must be enabled.
Alarm templates can be added/modified by users assigned to groups with Manage Alarm Templatesright.