Creating Device Alarm Templates - viewLinc 5.1

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Manage Alarm Templates

Create a copy of a device alarm template when you want to replicate most template properties, or create a new template when you want to define all new properties.

  1. In Alarm Templates select the Device Alarms tab.
  2. Select Add > Add Device Alarm Template. To copy settings, select an existing template, then select Add > Copy Selected Device Alarm Template.
  3. In the Add Device Alarm Template window, type a unique name for the new template and then set the template properties:
    The priority level is used as a visual indication of issue severity, to help you determine how quickly to respond to the issue.
    Alarm delay
    When viewLinc identifies a device alarm condition, the delay is the time period starting from the moment an issue is detected and when the device alarm is triggered. It is recommended that you set the delay according to the priority.
    Indicate whether user acknowledgement of this device alarm is required. When an alarm is acknowledged, the action is tracked in the event log.
    Select the groups permitted to modify or apply this template. The group requires Configure Alarms permission to apply the template to Locations.
    (optional) Provide more details about the device alarm template.
  4. Select Save.

You can now apply this device alarm template to a Location.

When you apply a device alarm template to a Location, it remains in effect on the Location, even if the Location is linked to a different device.