viewLinc Access through Remote Display or Mobile Device - viewLinc 5.1

Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server version 5.1 User Guide

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viewLinc 5.1
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It is easy to set up viewLinc on a remote display terminal, or access the application on a mobile device.

  • Remote Display: Set up a conveniently located visual display for a specific monitoring environment. A large monitor is best for areas requiring a larger visual display, without having to set up a complete workstation (with tower or keyboard). The remote display screen contains the Overview window tabs, with a collapsed Views navigation tree. Location information is defined by the default view assigned to the logged in user account.

    If remote display power is interrupted, the logged in user’s default view automatically reconnects without requiring another log in.
  • Mobile Device: Monitor and acknowledge alarms from your smartphone or tablet.

    viewLinc supports Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. Please contact Vaisala Technical Support for assistance.